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Emotions – pain or purpose?

Emotions. Feelings. Sentiment.

Pain. Anger. Joy. Love. Remorse. Excitement.

Emotions are a bitch, but they are an important part of our journey, but the reality is knowing that doesn’t make it any easier to process them. It simply gives us an awareness of them, and the fact they are a necessary evil.

This past fortnight has been a huge emotional roller coaster of processing for me. I lost one of the closest people to me. A person who can never be replaced. A person, where their absence in my world is so obvious I find myself staring into space, simply to avoid considering my world without them.

This has been the hardest period of my life, as I attempt to reconcile my emotions, allowing them to come to the surface and bubble over. Sometimes that bubble is like a volcano, other times it a simmering pot of water. But make no mistake, emotionally both outbursts and simmering can be just as lethal when we do not acknowledge and recognise the experience and cause.

See in this situation I’m reasonably lucky. I know what is causing my emotions, I understand the why. And in understanding the why, I am able to allow the emotions to come and go as they should. It doesn’t mean I don’t react to them, rather it gives me an awareness of what I am physically and spiritually and mentally experiencing due to the emotion itself.

I have heard many thoughts on the matter of emotions. That we should simply acknowledge and release them. That emotions are human constructs and so we should not allow them to dictate our being. That they are simply moments in our day. But my personal view, is that by attempting to justify dismissing emotions under some “rule”, simply delays the process of dealing with them.

And it isn’t just “negative” emotions that can provide challenges for processing. Emotions of any kind can place a huge toll on us physically, mentally, and spiritually.

It is on us, as human being to take the time to authentically process them. Sometimes it will be a comforting experience as we feel love, gratitude and joy. Other times it will be like a huge knife to the gut causing anguish and pain.

But both positive, negative and neutral emotions have their place and are a necessary component of our life.

Through our emotional journey, you can find amazing opportunities for growth, you can find yourself, you can find your truth.

But the reality is you aren’t going to do any of that, if you push emotions down or fob them off as “momentary” or insignificant. Emotions can guide you, consider them the barometer of an experience, of a moment, of your life.

Face your emotions. Embrace them. Experience them.

When you do, when you understand your why, you can truly grow.



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