Taking Ownership

Everyday we are presented with challenges and opportunities to take ownership of our stories. All to often we willingly give this power, this ownership away. The reasons are many, but the result is the same. We allow someone else to craft our story, and that has to change.

Today’s blog is more of a coaching challenge than a blog. Below you will find seven journal prompts. These prompts are designed with one outcome in mind, to shift your awareness to the reality of your story, and who or what is the largest contributing factor to it.

See, in my world, being aware of the reality is the first key step to taking ownership of our story. Being aware that in this moment or that moment we did or did not keep our own story. Over the next seven days spend some time journaling using these prompts.

Perhaps it will make you consider your story in a new light.

Perhaps you will gain a true appreciation for the story you have so far.

Perhaps you will find a little bit of your story along the way.

Monday Prompt: I was really proud of myself when I…

Tuesday Prompt: I am choosing to take ownership of my story because…

Wednesday Prompt: I allow myself to write my story because…

Thursday Prompt: My story is unique because…

Friday: I will fight for my story because…

Saturday: I own my story because I …

Sunday: I am worthy of my story because…

Come join us in the Creation Mindset Facebook Group to follow my own prompts during the week. I will be sharing bits and bobs from my own journal directly in response to these prompts.

The goal is to bring awareness to the creative amazing being we all are. To bring awareness to the true authors.

To bring awareness to us.



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