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Walking in the Shadows

In amongst our own shadows is where our truth lies. It isn’t out in the open for all to see, it’s the dancing light in amongst the tree branches deep within the forest. It’s the shadows from the flame of fire which lights out way. It’s the sparkle of the sun on the ocean floor just before the light disappears at all.

Our truth is that which we know lives within the depths of our soul. Our mind. Our body. Our truth is how light is seen.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the duality of life, the natural pairings and the way we organise the world and our place within it.

  • Light and dark
  • Good and bad
  • Up and down
  • In and out
  • Thing and opposite

But in my world the reality is that duality simply acknowledges the many facets which make up our world, and that really duality must refer to all the things in between in order to bring truth to the forefront.

Life is not just about light and dark, but the moments where both coexist in one system. The twinkle of the stars lighting our way at night. The shadows mesmerising us as they dance with the flame. Duality acknowledges the extremes, life is about what’s in between.

Even now as I write this, at 3AM in the dark, on my phone šŸ˜‚, the light allows me the share what’s in the dark for me in this moment, the thoughts rushing around in my brain, to resettle me back to sleep.

We must not get comfortable in the light or dark only, we must grow to be comfortable in all layers of light.

We must walk through all layers, all elements of the many spectrums of experience. Bringing the parts together, creating the whole in which our understanding of self can grow.

It is not in the light, nor dark where our truth lies. It is in every layer, of our being, our experiences, our journey and our voices. For we are whole. Not simply one thing at any one time. The sooner we embrace all that is in between, the sooner we open ourselves up to know the real us.

Scary, maybe. Intimidating, perhaps. Yet rewarding? I guess that lies on the spectrum of our own journey as well. Are you ready to make the most of it?



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