Finding Zen in unexpected places.

You may have noticed a bit of a shift in ZD lately. Truth is, I have been struggling with my own dreams, my own situations, as I attempt to dream my desires, to work for them, into reality.

I’ve also been playing around with the word “zen”. How one word can calm many people which causes a ripple of anxiety in many others. For me, the traditional version of zen feels unobtainable. It feels like a lie. Perfect stillness and calmness in my world does not exist. But what does exist is a sense of ease, a sense of knowing that I am where I should be. That is where zen kicks into gear.

Zoetic Dawn in many ways is my baby. I have poured my heart out in it over two years, and I have had some growth. I have changed directions many times. I have adapted the tone to suit where I’m at. I have deleted and started again.

I have found my own way to create space within the thing I have created to provide a meaningful way to feel that sense of zen.

I also found a new word. And that word has reminded me of my own passions, my own drives, my own why. My zen. In my world, when you understand the why, the how becomes clearer. This is not the same as planning the how, rather knowing why something must be done, creates the path and the space to fully embrace all opportunities which enable the how to occur. So in this word I found my why.

Meraki – everything I do with ZD is me. Every programme, every service, every card is part of my story, my journey.

And in that moment of clarity, I know why I do what I do, and I know how will flow as long as I continue to allow my own sense of why to be at the forefront. As long as I honour who I am, my zen will follow.

In my world, zen is a state of mind. An knowing that even amongst the chaos, I am whole. I am true. I am me. So today I found my zen within Meraki.

Where have you found yours?



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