Keeping up with the Chaos

We have all heard the story many times. Life kicks us in the arse as we attempt to shift through busy periods of our lives. We find ourselves overwhelmed, stressed and out of sorts with the normal day to day balance we once had.

At least, that is how I have found the last two weeks. I have been shifting through some major stress, and practical chaos, attempting to handle many different major projects at once. What happened? Well, although I think managed to maintain some form of sanity throughout the process, I had to allow certain things to drop. One of which was the active nature in which I usually craft and create pieces for Zoetic Dawn.

That fact, actually made me a bit sad. As I moved through these stressful periods, I came to a bit of breathing space only to find that I had pushed my own solitude away. See, Zoetic Dawn is more than just a side gig, or a business, or any one thing really. Zoetic Dawn is my own voice, shared with others in a way that tells my story. I have missed it that last few weeks, but I also began to wonder at which point was that story being told because I had set an expectation upon myself.

When Zoetic Dawn first started I would roll out two blogs per week. That shifted to one blog per week, then back to two, then back to one. I have so many different things on the go at the moment, that for the last six months I have been alternating between one per week and then none per week. The pressure to craft and create meaningful content was stressful, the idea that people would feel let down if I didn’t produce some amazing content was mortifying, and the cycle and spiral of self-doubt will rear it’s ugly head.

I want to help people.

But I want to help people in a way that shares my truth and shows my story. I do not want to become a blog posting machine, where I have little to no time for the creation process. I do not want to become a hamster on the wheel of likes, and clicks, and shares.

My voice is worthy of sharing, just as it is.

So, how do I shift from feeling as though it is a chore to craft content, into a space where I can share while creating a pattern of regularity? While I moan about the need to share on a regular basis through this blog, I also note that I actually enjoy the rhythm too it. The trick has been finding a rhythm that works with the ups and down I have as I shift through my own world.

So, I decided to reconfigure my own expectations. What do I want?

Starting on the 4th of Feb 2019, Zoetic Dawn Blog posts will shift to the first Monday of each month. The content will change, and grow as I continue to carve my own path, but the rhythm feels right in this moment. This is how I keep up with the chaos. I create a rhythm which honours my own journey.

But if you think you may miss my witty posts, there is always the Zoetic Dawn Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/zoeticdawncoaching) , the Zoetic Dawn Instagram Page (www.instagram.com/zoeticdawn) and the Zoetic Dawn Facebook Group (Zoetic Zen) (www.facebook.com/groups/zoeticzen).

Each space is slightly different, each space serves a slightly different purpose, but each space is a space to share, to consider, to experience, and to grow.

So for now, as things continue to shift, I continue to grow. Carving the path that suits me, in this moment.



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