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One Month In…

New Year, New You blah blah. The first month of the year has a tendency to be rather stressful. Perhaps more appropriately, as the end of January approaches and we reflect on our first month of our “resolutions”, we often carry into February feelings of stress, doubt, and general uneasiness when we have “fallen off the wagon”.

See, personally, I do not believe in “resolutions”. I wrote towards the end of last year that it seems somewhat redundant to me that we would put so much emphasis on a single date, as though the 1st of January is going to provide us with everything we need to maintain X, Y or Z. In my world, everyday, every minute, every second is the perfect opportunity to shift our behaviours, patterns and thoughts to align with our truth. Each moment we have the opportunity to embrace our truth, to work through the shit and to create a life where we put ourselves first.

In saying that, I still have little traditions and things I like to do at the end of a calendar year. Goals I hope to achieve, reflections I like to complete and a general check in with myself. This year, I found myself wishing for the year to be over, after a horrendously stressful year, I wanted time to pass and for a fresh start to hurry the hell up. I also found myself somewhat conflicted and confused as to why I had put pressure on the date, like it was magically going to take all my woes away. As I considered this, I realised that often, at least for me, by putting a date on something, I am able to focus my efforts on working through the hard stuff and take pressure of having to be over something straight away.

By giving myself a timeframe, I am someone who is more inclined to front up and face myself. By giving myself a timeframe I can create a goal, a process which works for me, and in that thinking, I guess for many others it is the goal, the timeframe, the seemingly arbitrary date that provides the motivation to do what they need to, in order to create the life they want.

But what happens when that date comes… and goes… and no change is made? What happens when we are on the other side, and no further along than we were when we first set the goal? See in my experience, it isn’t about the goal, it isn’t about the timeframe, it’s about the process and the responses when we either do, or do not, achieve our goals and our own expectations.

So, given we are one month in, many are on track to their new years expectations, many have stopped working towards them, and many have completely forgotten. This is where a refresh so to speak of our motivation is called for, where we can bring together our own desires, long term goals, beliefs, thoughts and processes forward to assess what we truly want.

One month down the track, its time to ask the question: Am I happy?

The reason I like the Am I Happy? question, is because in that moment, we usually have a physical response, a simple question allows for a simple answer, and in that answer we can begin to see the next steps. So I decided to take the question, and work through it in a series of journal questions designed to last the month of February. Each week, there are two questions, with each questions designed to allow us to consider our own wellbeing, our own sense of self. Questions which allow us to consider… what do we want? Come and join me in the Facebook Group Zoetic Zen to work through these questions with me, or take things at your own pace, answering the questions as you wish. Whatever works for you, after all this is your story.

Week One (Starting 4th Feb 2019)

  1. Am I happy?
  2. What makes me happy?

Week Two (Starting 11th Feb 2019)

  1. What do I want?
  2. Is the answer to What makes me happy?, the same as What do I want?

Week Three (Starting 18th of Feb 2019)

  1. What can I do to create more opportunities for happiness?
  2. What am I prepared to do to create more opportunities for happiness?

Week Four (Starting 25th Feb 2019)

  1. What barriers do I have?
  2. Do the barriers matter, am I going to allow them to stop me?

Final Question, Saturday the 28th of February…

What am I prepared to do right now, to create the life I want?

Now is the time to embrace your voice to find your truth. It is inside you, waiting to be seen, to be heard, to be shared. Now is the time for you.



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