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Finding Time For Laughter

Sometimes, the way we release pressure build up within the body is through a physical representation of how we are feeling. The deep sigh, the short breath out, the art of active breathing. Our body often has our back, providing us with a way to release the physical tension that we accumulate throughout the day/week/month.… Continue reading Finding Time For Laughter


Starting Fresh

Every now and again, often through a series of events, we find ourselves almost at the starting point, unsure what direction we should take. This happened to me recently due to illness, where I was unable to maintain the current blog schedule. Between a number of emotions around letting people down, maintaining continuity and sharing… Continue reading Starting Fresh

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Taking My Power Back… From Myself

I have spoken a lot recently about the importance of owning your power, using it, and harnessing it to help you create the reality in which you thrive, not hide. Today I want to continue that discussion, and explore the concept of taking your power back... from yourself. See, I am a firm believer in… Continue reading Taking My Power Back… From Myself