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The Art of Perfecting Balance

For many years I believed Balance was an art. I believed that balance was some end point, when I had my life together that I was totally at ease, calm, and collected. Where everything would come together, and I could kick my feet up and relax... Oh, how wrong I was. What I am sure… Continue reading The Art of Perfecting Balance

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Finding Time For Laughter

Sometimes, the way we release pressure build up within the body is through a physical representation of how we are feeling. The deep sigh, the short breath out, the art of active breathing. Our body often has our back, providing us with a way to release the physical tension that we accumulate throughout the day/week/month.… Continue reading Finding Time For Laughter

Alignment, Empowerment, Holistic Resilience, Honesty, Motivation, Reflection

Taking My Power Back… From Myself

I have spoken a lot recently about the importance of owning your power, using it, and harnessing it to help you create the reality in which you thrive, not hide. Today I want to continue that discussion, and explore the concept of taking your power back... from yourself. See, I am a firm believer in… Continue reading Taking My Power Back… From Myself

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Coaching Challenge – Aligned Self-Talk

Following on from Mondays post... aligned living requires you to remain honest to your desires, needs, wants, hopes, dreams. More so, aligned living requires you to be honest about your journey. It requires you to take ownership over your journey, and to empower yourself by making decisions for your highest good, that align with your… Continue reading Coaching Challenge – Aligned Self-Talk