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Making Yourself a Priority

Stress, pain, resent, fear, hate, have you felt any of these lately, in direct reference to yourself? As harsh as they emotional responses can feel, they can often be the more prevalent ones in our day to day life... in my experience, the key reason has nothing to do with the past, nothing to do… Continue reading Making Yourself a Priority

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After Dreaming – Coaching Challenge

For the last couple of weeks the coaching challenges have really focused on what you want to happen in the future. Now is time to start putting those dreams into action. Like I have said before, the dreaming part is the starting point, allowing you to really cement your desires, so that you can craft… Continue reading After Dreaming – Coaching Challenge

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Create Space to Heal – Coaching Challenge

Well, Monday's post was a little heavier than normal. Heavier, but necessary as we head into the silly season. It is so damn easy to get swept up in all the fuss of Christmas. To end up a puddle on the floor of stress between presents and shopping, and food and family and commitments. For… Continue reading Create Space to Heal – Coaching Challenge