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Emotions – pain or purpose?

Emotions. Feelings. Sentiment. Pain. Anger. Joy. Love. Remorse. Excitement. Emotions are a bitch, but they are an important part of our journey, but the reality is knowing that doesn’t make it any easier to process them. It simply gives us an awareness of them, and the fact they are a necessary evil. This past fortnight… Continue reading Emotions – pain or purpose?

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The Art of Perfecting Balance

For many years I believed Balance was an art. I believed that balance was some end point, when I had my life together that I was totally at ease, calm, and collected. Where everything would come together, and I could kick my feet up and relax... Oh, how wrong I was. What I am sure… Continue reading The Art of Perfecting Balance

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Top Tips for Aligned Living

Aligned Living - such a broad concept really isnt it? A concept which for many will mean many different things. For me, aligned living is defined by more than values. Aligned living takes the values I hold dear, and translates them into actions, behaviours, and general life. The way I choose to live my life… Continue reading Top Tips for Aligned Living

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Coaching Challenge – Finding Strength

Strength in its purest form is fuelled by love. Self love allows strength to develop, and be harnessed for when we choose to deploy it. Today's challenge links in with Mondays post. At the end of it all, all we have is our journey. The stories which have crossed our path move away, the challenges… Continue reading Coaching Challenge – Finding Strength