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Emotions – pain or purpose?

Emotions. Feelings. Sentiment. Pain. Anger. Joy. Love. Remorse. Excitement. Emotions are a bitch, but they are an important part of our journey, but the reality is knowing that doesn’t make it any easier to process them. It simply gives us an awareness of them, and the fact they are a necessary evil. This past fortnight… Continue reading Emotions – pain or purpose?

Alignment, Empowerment, Holistic Resilience, Honesty, Motivation, Reflection, Spirituality, Truth

The Art of Perfecting Balance

For many years I believed Balance was an art. I believed that balance was some end point, when I had my life together that I was totally at ease, calm, and collected. Where everything would come together, and I could kick my feet up and relax... Oh, how wrong I was. What I am sure… Continue reading The Art of Perfecting Balance

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Silence – golden or threatening?

Silence is something that is quite intimidating to a lot of people. The idea of sitting in silence can fill people with dread, fear, anxiety. It can make people shift uncomfortably in their seats, unsure of what to say, or do, effectively making them in that moment question everything about themselves. The absence of sound… Continue reading Silence – golden or threatening?

Alignment, Empowerment, Holistic Resilience, Reflection, Truth

Belief Structures – Helpful or Harmful?

We are born into this world, in many respects little sponges, soaking up as much information as possible. We learn, we grow, we change and adapt based on what is going on around us. Over time we develop core belief structures which continue to guide us, in our behaviours, our decisions, and importantly the way… Continue reading Belief Structures – Helpful or Harmful?

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Finding Time For Laughter

Sometimes, the way we release pressure build up within the body is through a physical representation of how we are feeling. The deep sigh, the short breath out, the art of active breathing. Our body often has our back, providing us with a way to release the physical tension that we accumulate throughout the day/week/month.… Continue reading Finding Time For Laughter


Starting Fresh

Every now and again, often through a series of events, we find ourselves almost at the starting point, unsure what direction we should take. This happened to me recently due to illness, where I was unable to maintain the current blog schedule. Between a number of emotions around letting people down, maintaining continuity and sharing… Continue reading Starting Fresh