Method Behind the Chaos

Hi There,

I’m Jaime, the face behind Zoetic Dawn. I am from a little city in New Zealand, have one child, a husband and a cat.

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In terms of pieces of paper, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Guidance and Counselling). More than that is my passion for seeing people become the author in their story, creating the journey that is right for them.

In addition to the website we also have a Facebook Group called the Zoetic Dawn Inner Circle. In this safe place for holistic development, we chat, discuss, laugh, share and encourage each other, feel free to come check it out.

If you have any questions please get in touch, always more than happy to have a chat.



Since starting, I am often asked about my methodology. What are my core beliefs that I bring to the table when I begin a coaching relationship?

Zoetic Dawn Coaching is based on a holistic approach, where the focus is on all aspects of self. From Speed Coaching Introductions through to One Hour Sessions, Zoetic Dawn services are designed to look at the whole person.

I believe that addressing all aspects of self is the most sustainable way to see long term change occur regardless of the initial focus. While one aspect tends to be of a bigger focus, allowing all aspects of self into your session, develops a stronger foundation for you to build upon.


Our mind is one of the most powerful tools available to us and a positive or negative mindset can completely shift the opportunities for growth and development. Focusing on mindset and mental blocks, we look at the different ways our mindset can create barriers to success. We then shift our attention to breaking these barriers down, ensuring you see the results that you want in a sustainable long term way.

PhysicalPhysicality represents far more than our body. Referring to how we interact with the external world, and the barriers, pressures and opportunities that arise, we focus on the entire physical world from with-in to with-out. Always focusing on reducing barriers, or better yet turning them into a success, addressing the physical aspects of self enables you to strengthen, body, mind and soul.

SoulOur Soul is an integral aspect of self. From intuition through to knowledge of self, Zoetic Dawn focuses on empowering you to find your truth. Only we have the ability to define what success looks like for us. Only we are able to go within, and to identify what it is that we need for our development and growth, that is where the soul comes into play for Zoetic Dawn. Bringing all aspects of self together and empowering you to live your life, by your terms.

There is no one size fits all coaching package. The focus in on you. What do you want out of these sessions? What inspires you? What empowers you to live your life the way you want to, and importantly, what does that even look like?

The question which we hold most important, regardless of the focus, regardless of the session type is simple to ask, not necessarily simple to answer:

What is success for you?

If you are ready to start answering that question, want sustainable change, that is designed with your life in mind, then Zoetic Dawn may be able to help.