Crtl Alt Zen

Welcome to the Crtl Alt Zen portion of the page! Crtl Alt Zen is your go to for online services, all services listed are available via email, skype, Facebook and other online platforms so are perfect if face to face isn’t possible, or isn’t your thing! If you want to know more about how Zoetic Dawn works, check out our methodology here.

Zoetic Dawn offers a number of payment options including Cash, Internet banking (NZ Only) and Paypal.

Authentic Zen

Authentic Zen is a tailored, personalised programme designed to help you find your authentic zen. A zen which works with you, and for your lifestyle. A zen which acknowledges the ebbs and flows of life, the reality of fight or flight mode, and your truth behind this concept of “zen”.

Authentic Zen is a three month package which includes:

  • Weekly journal prompts and worksheets ($30.00 value per session)
  • Monthly meditations (MP3) ($20.00 value per meditation)
  • Monthly 60 minute Video session ($90.00 value per session)

This programme is created for those who want to:

  • Create and maintain momentum for shifting self limiting belief patterns.
  • Harness your voice to write your story.
  • Create and embrace the journey you want to be on.
  • Define your life by your own rules.
  • Find and use your innate power to create the change you want.

This programme is for the overwhelmed, the stressed and the burnout. This programme is for creating shifts, to allow you to create, maintain, and live by your own definition of zen.

With three themes, Authentic Zen is tailored every step of the way:

      1. Reality Check | Dream Check – What is happening for you right now? What do you want to feel? See? Hear? Experience? How do you define your world right now?
      1. Dreaming to Creating | How can you shift your dreams to your now? What do you need to release, what do you need to allow? How will you make that happen? How will you take ownership of your story?
      1. Maintaining the Shift | What’s happening in your world to allow you to maintain the momentum? What do you need to create in order to embrace your own sense of zen? What does it feel like to be achieving your own life, the way you want to? How will you celebrate?

This programme is for people who are ready to do. For those who don’t want to hide behind the stories of others, but want to carve their own path. Their path, their story, their truth.

Are you brave enough to take inspired action and find your authentic zen?

Two investment Options:

Monthly: 3 payments of $140.00 per month (payment plans available)

Full Payment: Pay in full prior to commencing the programme* for $380.00

*Payment plans are available for the full payment option, programme will start upon receipt of final payment.

Email to have a chat about the programme, and if it is the right one for you.

Explore The Zen

Free Either via Facebook, Email, Skype, Zoom or Phone, together we will spend 15 to 20 minutes chatting about your situation. From strengths to challenges, from this discussion we will work together to design a package that works for you based on your desired outcomes.

Fast Zen

$25.00 NZD Our Speed Session is short and sharp 20 minute session via Facebook Video Chat, Skype, Phone or Face-to-Face* where we focus on an immediate aspect of your being. Working through an aspect of your choosing we will develop an actionable tip that you can implement straight away to move forward on your journey to authentic living.

Email Zen Package

$40.00 NZD Per Month* Once upon a time I hated talking on the phone. The idea alone would send shivers down my spine, and truthfully I could speak more honestly when I wrote it down. That’s where the idea of the Email Trail comes from. Best suited for individuals who struggle to get their words out vocally, or are too busy to schedule set appointments, the Email Trail Service is a month by month service where you receive weekly emails from us, to help keep you on your path.

*one month minimum

Single Zen

$90.00 NZD Just as the name suggests our 60 minute sessions allows us to dedicate an hour of time working together on an area of your choosing. These sessions are ideal if you are looking for sustainable options, and in-depth discussions on where you want to be long term. These sessions can be run via Facebook Video Chat, Skype, Phone or Face-to-Face* depending on what works best for you.

Mindful Month of Zen

$120.00 NZD per month* The Mindful Month package combines two core services, and throws in a bit extra as well. Each month that you register, you will receive a 60 Minute session, in addition to two email or phone call catch ups. Perfect for those who are seeking some dedicated strategies for sustainable growth and change. You will also get access to us Via Facebook messenger for accountability and support throughout the month.

By Purchasing a Zoetic Dawn Service, I agree that Zoetic Dawn Services are not replacements for medical or mental health care. I understand that I am responsible for my own well-being and success and that the Zoetic Dawn Coaching services are designed to support me achieve my goals. I understand that Zoetic Dawn is a partnership, working together to encourage change and growth.