The Art of Perfecting Balance

One of the most common areas I support mind-set shifts in is the Art of Perfecting Balance. To be honest, the title itself is incredibly misleading, because balance is a construct. A belief that has been formed over many years that unless everything is in order, everything in it’s place, every response, thought and action taken correctly, we are “unbalanced”.

Balance is an illusion of the mind.

Lucky for us, we can reframe and redefine the very belief structure.

In my work I don’t help people achieve balance. Rather I create the space for the mind-set around balance to shift.

Together, we create an environment where we can truly define balance on our own terms.

Together, we create space for you to step up, to own your story, to own your definition of balance, and to embrace the imperfection of balance.

Balance is a mind set, which you have the power to shift.

What I Believe:

  • Balance is a construct which shifts as we continue to experience our world.
  • Balance has been projected as the end goal, when in reality it changes with the ebbs and flow of life.
  • Balance is more than being “zen”, “spiritual” or “aligned”.
  • Balance can only be meaningfully defined by you.
  • Balance is relative to you and your story.
  • Redefining Balance to your terms creates space for inspired action to take place.

What I have learnt over the last few years, is that when facing a mind-set shift, the support of others can make a huge difference. So, I decided to take the work I have done myself, and reformat it into a single module programme, The Art of Perfecting Balance.

So what do you get?

  • The Art of Perfecting Balance Module Book
  • Email Support over a month timeframe.
  • 1 x Facebook Live Event to support and extend your experience.
  • Access to the Art of Perfecting Balance Facebook Closed Group
  • A kick ass group of people who share and experience with you.

Investment: $10.00 NZD

Payment Via Internet Banking or PayPal available.

Modules will be emailed to you, and will be made available as a document, link and shared in the Facebook Group on Monday 27th August 2018. Facebook Live Event TBC dependent on participants.


Email to register or click here to sign up!