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12 Days of the Silly Season Survival Guide


Each day of the Survival Guide, this page will be updated allowing you to go back and review the days worksheets and activities at any time that you need.

Day One: Introductions and Intent Content can be found here: day-one

Day Two: Self Care -What, Why and Challenge Content can be found here: day-two

Day Three: Defining Success for You Content can be found here: day-three

Day Four: Planning Your Dreams Content can be found here: day-four

Day Five: Self-Care for the Real World Content can be found here: day-five 

Day Six: Visualising Your Dreams Contetn can be found here: day-six

Day Seven: Making your dreams tangible content can be found here: day-seven

Day Eight: Maintaining Self Care Content can be found here: day-eight

Day Nine: Realising your Success content can be found here: day-nine

Day Ten: Baby Steps VS Steam Rolling content can be found here: day-ten
3 Day Dream Challenge

Day One design

Day Two copy-of-renew-your-dream-challenge-day-one

Day Threerenew-your-dream-challenge-day-three